The New Windex

Remember the Windex thing from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a replacement for Windex. It’s called Vetericyn, and it waltzed into our home in B’s hand a couple of weeks ago when he returned from a conference in Portland. I knew our lives had been changed when the second thing he did after entering the house–after giving me a hug and a kiss–was to present the blue bottle of liquid and spritz a little bit of it at my face. When I recoiled in shock he launched into a list of reasons why the miracle spray is wonderful and how he justified spending $25 on the small bottle of saline water.

He figured I was going to give him trouble for his purchase, so he waved the bottle close in front of my face for me to see one of the most important reasons why Vetericyn was a necessary addition to our medicine cabinet.

I zoomed in and here’s what I saw:

Yes, that’s a llama.

That’s when I became sold on it, I’ll admit. Before, it was just a purported cure-all. Now, though, I know it’s safe for llamas, too. And that’s really all I need to know before I decide to add something to my medicine cabinet or the shelf where I store odd discoveries like Sylvester Stallone protein pudding.


6 thoughts on “The New Windex

  1. Tim

    It’s nice to see a company willing to take llama concerns seriously. For far too long I’ve had no way to clean my llama, because she’s allergic to Windex. Now I can sleep peacefully with a sparkling clean llama!


  2. Jameson

    Forget the llama spray, where can I get some of this Sylvester Stallone pudding?! It’s probably filled with all sorts of goodies like chocolate, sugar, and HGH.


    1. stocktoc

      I found it a few years ago, during B’s first deployment, at the commissary at Ft. Hood. I bought a whole bunch of it and sent it to him in a care package.


  3. Dr. Mike Sullivan

    Actually, I use the human product, Microcyn Wound Care on my patients and have for a number of years now. Truly stellar improvement over current standards of card. I’ve been able to save a number of diabetic foot ulcers from amputation. And it really is safe and non-toxic. Can use in the face without stinging or danger.


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