Gromit Got Jealous

Gromit was upset with me for writing so much about Molly, so he decided to focus our attention back on him today.

You see, our older “child” is an avid TV watcher. He can somehow sense from the other end of the house when a four-legged or flying critter crosses the screen (even if silently) on our television, and he always rushes into the living room to press his nose to the screen and furiously wag his tail. One time we even caught him on video, chasing after a bird when it flew off-screen.

Today B and I decided to watch Marley & Me, and within minutes Gromit joined us. Of course. And as he often does when he’s “speaking” with an animal on the TV, he decided to grab one of his rawhide bones so he could compare it with the one Marley had. (See it in the first photo, hanging out of the left side of his mouth?)

OK, so he had a little help with the second photo, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a direct comparison. And he’s a really obedient dog, so he willingly complied when we asked him to pose for us.


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