Anniversary Win-Lose

Generally I think wives are expected to remember important dates while husbands tend to forget them. (That’s the way it works in sitcoms anyway, so it must be true, right?) B and I like to mix things up a bit, though, just to be different. He remembers important dates and I confuse and/or forget them altogether.

We were married on December 23rd…not! Our marriage certificate was signed a few days before the event, since we wanted a head-start on things like my military ID, social security card, insurance information, and bank accounts before my two-week absence from Texas and the holidays got in the way. So perhaps this is why I started screwing up the date, or perhaps I really am just bad at remembering milestones and I’m searching for an excuse. Whatever the case, for the first few years of our marriage I could never seem to recall the date of our wedding. Every time it came up in conversation B would stare at me in exasperation while I floundered. Then he would jump in and cover for me by distracting people with the old “Hey look at me! I’m a husband and I remember my wedding anniversary!” trick.

I’m now happy to say that after years of struggling with my problem I have finally memorized our wedding date.

A couple weeks ago while we were celebrating B’s birthday with some friends, the subject of our wedding came up. (I think the scene involved us doing something ridiculously childish, and then someone exclaimed, “Oh wow! and you two have been married for how long, again?”) Feeling confident after a healthy dose of sangria, I stopped B from answering and proudly announced that we were married “on December 23rd, the day before Christmas!”

You win some, you lose some, I guess.


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Win-Lose

  1. susan j!

    its clear that e missed the crucial error…
    we celebrate two wedding dates, too! fortunately for me, they’re both on the 29ths (:


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