The WTF Bottle: Iron Man Has One.

A couple years ago I threw out all of our old plastic sports bottles and stopped buying bottled water. Then I went online and ordered two of these, the Kor One hydration vessels.

I felt good about donating a portion of my purchase to an environmental cause. I also liked the fact that the clear blue canister would definitely encourage me to drink more water. I’m visual. I see food; I am hungry. I see water; I am thirsty. I see prettily packaged food or water, and I need it. Put a dead rat inside one of these bottles and I might still salivate over it; that’s how bad I am. Okay NO, that’s gross, but anyway you get my point. (Please don’t serve me a dead rat to try to get me to prove it.)

When B saw the shipping forms we had to have a discussion about why it was appropriate for me to spend $60 on a set of water bottles. When the argument that water always tastes better when it looks like it came from a clear, crystal blue ocean didn’t work, I may or may not have argued that I bought the bottles in an effort to prevent any BPA-induced testicle shrinkage on his part. *ahem*

I hoped B would carry his Kor One bottle and become as enthusiastic about hydration as I was. He carried it for a few weeks and then stopped, claiming that he was bothered by all the random comments he got every time he carried it to work. Whatever! I still carried my pretty blue Kor bottle every day. I even took advantage of the “stone” feature of the bottle to write my own chuckle-worthy motivational message, for when my workouts turned intense and I felt like wimping out and going home early: Never give up. Never surrender.

People are strangely captivated by the Kor bottle. I’ve had many people remark at how “cool” it looks and ask where I got it, and I’ve had even more people stop me to ask exactly what my Kor bottle is. When I first carried it to work, a few of the mechanical engineers in my building started cracking jokes about how I was carrying around a missing piece of one of the planes they were building. Then the jokes spread and other people asked questions, stopping me constantly to ask “WTF is that?”

WTF is it? Why, it’s the WTF bottle!

When I changed jobs and moved into another department of the company, my new coworkers wanted to ask questions about the bottle too. This group took it to a whole new level by calling my WTF bottle a nuclear whatsitwhoseit or a subatomic particle smashing thingamajig. And they kept it up. And they repeated their jokes five thousand times. And then more people caught on and used the water bottle as an awkward conversation starter. One day when somebody remarked at how difficult it seemed it would be to take the top off the WTF bottle and somebody else misheard the words “take your top off,” a whole new round of (awkward and inappropriate) jokes was born.

I’ve moved on from that job, too, and still the comments continue on a regular basis. The latest was this evening at the gym, when a guy followed me to ask “What is that thing?” while he pointed to my hands. Since I happened to be juggling my car keys, a bosu ball, and a pair of hand weights at the same time I was carrying the bottle, it took a few seconds to register. Then it hit me: Of course! He wants to know about the WTF bottle!

So if you’re feeling lonely and blue and you just want someone to say “hello” “WTF is that thing you’re drinking out of?” or make awkward sexual references at your expense, you should purchase a Kor One hydration vessel. It’ll make you popular overnight.

Don’t believe me? Ask Tony Stark.


60 thoughts on “The WTF Bottle: Iron Man Has One.

  1. erin

    I may or may not have missed key plot points in Iron Man because I was lusting after that bottle and trying to figure out how to get one just for me. Look at you, problem solver! Beats the pants off the stainless one I bought from Starbucks when I forgot to take a bottle to New York. (This one will never be forgotten at home, because it will be my precious.)


    1. Lee McElhatten

      Haha, that is funny because I did the same thing!

      As soon as he started drinking from it, I was like, “I WANT ONE!”
      Searched forever after the movie, finally found it!
      So ordering one very soon!


  2. Very stylish bottle and nicely marketed in the movie. The water drinkers of the world, well some of them will seek, it high and low since it was in Iron Man 2. Fashionable it is and BPA free too but will the material used to make the bottle (Tritan) end up with the same reputation that BPA has years after its creation. Hmm! Call me old fashioned but I still prefer my stainless steel bottle and I saw on one good review site that some of the stainless bottles do look very cool. Check this out if you wish I found it via google.


  3. Jameson

    Can you customize the little message stones? I’d consider buying one just so I could print, “Ask me about the antidote” on a stone and see the expressions on my friends’ faces when they ask if they can try out my WTF Bottle.

    Oh yes, I’m pure evil. 😉


    1. stocktoc

      Yes, you can. The bottle comes with some pre-made stones and one or two blank ones on which you can write whatever cheesy thing you want.


  4. So, is it worth the price?

    I send my 10 year old with a water bottle everyday to school. My parents read somewhere about how unhealthy it is drinking from bottled water because of the plastic etc… So, I bought one of those metal ones. I’m sure my son would much prefer the one Iron Man used! 🙂


    1. stocktoc

      I think it is worth the price, assuming what they say about the plastic used in these bottles is true. The website claims that they don’t have the same chemicals (BPAs) that disposable plastic watter bottles do. And besides that, the little bit extra that you pay goes to support a good cause.

      Also, I think it would be helpful for your son because it’s sturdy. My kor bottle took two years to break, and that was by my own foolishness because I tried untangling it from the dishwasher shelf when the lid was firmly wedged. (I wound up snapping the cap off of it.) I’m now using my husband’s unloved kor bottle, instead.

      One downside–especially with kids–is that the mouth on the bottle is narrow, so cleaning is more difficult. Because of this I absolutely HAVE to run my kor bottle through the dishwasher one or two times each week, to heat and sterilize it.


  5. sarahnsh

    I want this water bottle… badly. Seriously, it’s so pretty and I just love pretty things… and did you see the special edition ones? I’m going through them right now and now I want it even more! I didn’t know that clicking on this post would maybe, possibly, end up with me thinking about spending money. I feel the gravitational pull of this water bottle and see why you had to have it.


    1. stocktoc

      YAY! Buy one! Buy one!

      When I upgrade, I’m definitely springing for a special edition kor bottle. I just have to wait for this one to eventually croak or get stuck in the dishwasher like the first one. 😉


  6. Because I work from home, I am fortunate to be close to the tea kettle and tea pot.

    While I’m on the road, I have been in the habit of buying bottled water, but since the state of Washington has decided to slap a tax on it so that they can temporarily close up their self-made budget disaster, I have on that principle decided to find some other way to transport liquid.

    The water bottle sounds great and looks cute, but for $60 I could buy a skein of camel-hair yarn and make myself a luxurious pair of gloves. I’ll probably poke through the cupboards and use an old covered coffee cup.


    1. stocktoc

      (Maybe) you’re in luck, because a single kor bottle costs only $30.

      Sigg bottles are pretty great, too. They’re stainless steel, which eliminates the potential for chemical leakage from plastics. I also purchased some non-Sigg stainless steel bottles from Eddie Bauer, and they have a wide mouth for easier cleaning.


  7. You know you’re a Level 5 Granola when you’re sippin on water from a “Hydration Vessel”… Next up, the “Defacation Vessel” featuring a toilet tank topper stone for inspirational message-writing? 🙂 Nice writing, thx for sharing!


  8. Iron Man has one?! I want a WTF bottle– excuse me, “Hydration Vessel”…
    I definitely get what you mean though. Food does look more appetizing in awesome packaging!


  9. CLASSIC response to the KOR waterbottle… We LOVE our bottles! My husband and I both carry them.

    Yoli and Kor teamed up and are offering special Yoli designs on The beautiful thing is that the Truth and fun Blastcaps fit in the opening perfectly! If you want more info on the Yoli Truth or Fun beverages, or the Alkalete capsules, check out our website at, you will not be spammed once you register, or email us at


  10. When I stumbled upon this, I laughed. It was such a coincidence as I was about to write a similar post about my newly-purchased Starbucks’ tumbler.

    Anyway, just the same, I was curious about that water bottle from Iron Man 2. Indeed, food and drinks look enticing in wonderful packages. Well, I used to have kidney stones and drinking from a see-through container reminded and motivated me to drink more water.

    Congratulations for making it to Freshly Pressed. Cheers!


  11. I didn`t even know these were REAL! D:
    I`ve been wanting one for EVER (or just since april 28. but it FEELS like forever)!!
    O, my empty account, be not empty so that I can empty you onto the Marvel-ous (oh, such a bad pun) bottles of beauty!


  12. I spent a few minutes on the Kor website trying to find out what was special about the “Hydration Vessel” and I came to the conclusion that what makes it so special is all the Marketing Bull$hit (TM) packaged to make you feel good while relieving you of your cash for a useless piece of kit. The fact that it features in a Hollywood blockbuster is a hint to it’s true nature.
    Those worried about the plastic used in bottled water should also ponder who checks all the piping that carries the water to your tap.
    I wouldn’t trust rain water either.


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  15. Nicole

    I just watched Iron Man a few days ago and I saw that water bottle in one of the scenes and was thinking to myself, “I’m going to google Iron Man water bottle when I get home. I have to have that….”

    I just ordered mine too, lol. It’s too awesome looking.


  16. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



  17. Sandy

    Misplaced person: Just so you know the KOR bottle is only $29.95 – it isn’t $60. And then with that code you get it for $25.45. I have to say it’s the best $25.45 I have spent on a water bottle. I have at least 4 bottles that cost me 10 or 12 bucks each that sit in back of a deep drawer in my kitchen. I don’t use them so in my opinion that is about $45 I wasted on something I don’t even use. In fact you just inspired me to go take those to Goodwill this weekend. THANKS!


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  19. Sarah

    I have one of these water bottles and absolutely LOVE it, and i am definitley not dismayed by all the nice comments i get since i see it as a great conversation starter. Anyway id highly reccomend it and if youre dismayed by the proce i added a coupon code at the bottom. Anyway stay thristy and help the enviornment!

    If you use this code at checkout you can get 15% off everything: KWS-12368 and that $5 per bottle might make a differance.


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  21. wilhalen

    Man, this whole post rings of so much truth! I’ve never gotten so many comments about something I’ve owned EVER. The ‘WTF Bottle’ is right! I’m glad it’s not just me 😉 The first week I had it at work, most of my co-workers didn’t even know it was a water bottle!

    One conversation went like this:

    Co-worker: WHAT is *THAT*?!
    Me: Um, it’s a water bottle!
    Co-worker: What?! No way!

    I had to then show them how it worked! XD

    I love all the comments – it means I get a chance to spread the awesomeness! Just today a patron at work asked me about mine when she saw me filling it up. She really loved it and I think she’s going to buy one – the second thing she even said to me was, ‘Where did you get it??’

    My KOR One is definitely my baby. I take it everywhere, except once a week, where what I’m doing that day could potentially be hazardous to it (by knocking it over). Though I hate using anything else so I may just find a way to safely lay it flat.

    Anyway, I’ll shut up now. I just love the everlasting crap out of this thing :> Also, I’ve noticed I’ve been drinking more water since I got it. I guess it helps that it’s so dang pretty 😉


    1. stocktoc

      I agree! I definitely drink more water when I’m carrying my kor. I just got the new (slightly smaller) Delta, which means I can carry it in my purse now, which means… I get to carry my hydration vessel EVERYWHERE!


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  23. micha

    Just stumbled across this a year late, but Kor has Tony Stark to thank for my purchase also. I have always been captivated by good industrial design, and was googling for them in the theater. Had one purchased for my wife and myself before I went to bed that same night. She scoffed at the price at first, but after a day using it came back and thanked me profusely. We don’t get nearly as many comments though– we both work in IT, and most of our fellow geeks recognized it immediately… 🙂


    1. stocktoc

      I’m on my second kor water bottle now, and it DEFINITELY makes me drink more water. Especially since I’ve upgraded to the Delta and I can fit it in my purse and carry it everywhere. It’s a good investment. 🙂


  24. BDOC

    I’ve got the orange one with the wonderful mountain scene, and it definitely gets me a lot of attention! I just wish it fit in the drink holder in my car. I love the shape though, and I drive so rarely that it doesn’t really matter. I just need a holder for it on my bike now and I’ll be good to go!


  25. I have that bottle! I don’t drink water from a glass at home, I buy SmartWater bottles and empty it out into my Kor (as I like to call it affectionately). Might I add, I drink a lot of water when I’m nervous or highly excited. I just dropped my MacBook Pro and it’s not starting up and I somehow managed to get it to start up, so I’m leaving it alone for some time, wondering what’s gonna happen. I’m sipping water like an elephant right now


  26. Shine

    I love this bottle, but I didn’t manage to find it for $60 for a set. 😦
    Went to their website, they have the gift set of 4, at $110.

    Glad you love the bottle. 🙂


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