I love you get in the fridge.

Want to know what happens when B catches me wasting time on teh Interwebz when I’m supposed to be doing homework? I’ll let you share the experience with me:

Here’s the comic. (But don’t read it yet; click “play” on the audio link below, and then jump back to this link.)

And here’s the narration.


9 thoughts on “I love you get in the fridge.

  1. Darla

    ahhh…. Page #2 gives me a error 404…
    and I was so looking forward to my hopskipandjump this morning. I’m holding on going back to page 1 and reading until I can have the full experience. It’s been a long time since I got to hopskipandjump quickly.


    1. Darla

      oops – my email link had the “page 1 page 2” and error. Once my comment posted I hopskipandjumped back to this (must have been updated) “comic and narration” post which worked swimmingly. Now I’ve got to hopskipandjump AND swim this morning… so my exercise is done. And B needs to not rely on his voice-over skills for his 401(k) funding – but it sure works for entertaining the wife. Don’t get in the fridge though (you know that, right?)


  2. susan j!

    you should know, N now likes to tell me “you are my everything” to which i must respond “i love you get in the fridge”
    he also says “i have a goat” in that very footnote/you-didn’t-really-hear-that manner.

    please tell B he’s entered our lives where before there was only spaghatta nadle (;


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