Beauty and the Beast

A commercial for the re-release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast flashes across the TV screen.

C: Awwww. I loved that movie.

B: Me too.

C: Really?

B: Yeah! My favorite part was when the wolves got ripped to pieces. I wanted to be like the big guy.

C: Uh, Gaston? Are you serious?

B: Yeah! If the beast had been a normal dude Gaston would’ve kicked his ass! He eats two dozen eggs a day so he’s the size of a barge!

C: Aaaand you know the song.

B: No one’s neck is incredibly thick like Gaston!

C: I give up.


2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. PurgyPurg

    Yeah, so, N and I have had a similar conversation…

    Izzy was watching it in the rear seat of the truck and we were discussing Disney’s skewed logic.

    Gaston, the most manly, handsome and resourceful of all the men in the village is less desirable than a water buffalo who can’t read… because he’s a “prince.”


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