Is This Your Crab?

Today my coworker sent this to the small handful of ladies in the office:

I went to use my whiteboard today… and found a gold crab pin (crab…. Like the things you eat in Maryland).

I am taking a guess that it is more probable that a woman dropped it off their garment than a man…. And you represent the set of women I can think of that have been in my office recently.

Any takers?   If so… it is on my table, just inside the door to my office.

I confess; for about a millisecond I was tempted to go claim it as mine, but unfortunately, my conscience keeps me from stealing gold crustacean jewelry that’s not my own. And, quite fortunately, my taste in fashion–mismatched and outdated though it may be–prevents me from ever desiring to wear gold crustaceans. Or things people can make STD jokes about.


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