Such A Guy

B and I stopped at the bookstore today, and on our way through the door I was temporarily sidetracked by a row of books arranged on a shelf inside the doorway. Barnes & Noble likes to set bargain books right inside the door so it’s inevitable that someone, okay, someone like me, ends up distracted and parked in the way of everyone trying to walk into the store, and right now our Barnes & Noble has a bunch of “history in maps” books in their featured display. I just couldn’t help myself; I was digging through them even before the door behind me had fallen closed.

B was walking behind me, and I heard him chuckle as I breathed “oooooh!” and snatched up a WWII in maps book. I didn’t pay him any mind, since he’s always poking fun at one or another thing I do and I just figured he was laughing at how easily distracted I was. But a few seconds later, as he also reached to pick up one of the books, he declared, “You’re such a guy!”

Okay, this is where I started paying attention. Because even with all the times I’ve heard that, it’s kind of shocking to hear it from one’s own husband. He’s just about as masculine and comfortable in his own skin as a guy can be, so I find it a relief that my own sometimes-less-than-feminine ways no longer register on the radar since I met him, so his comment shocked me. I asked him what he meant, and he said, “Really? I mean, you stop dead in your tracks when you see a row of history books and maps. That’s a guy thing.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment, but don’t think I’m letting you get off that easily, Mister,” I said as I turned my back to him in mock defiance.

“But I meant it as a compliment!”

“Watch me. I’m putting down the WWII book and walking away. QUICK! Somebody tell me where the Twilight books are!”


8 thoughts on “Such A Guy

  1. Ha ha. Aww couples.
    He meant it as a compliment. Be nice. It really comes as a surprise to men that women do and like the same things they do! They’re shocked and then tell us we’re acting like a guy.
    …. or could it be that we are cool too?


  2. Dave Navarre

    If he’s smart, he’ll sneak back and buy the map book for you as a surprise….

    On our honeymoon, my wife lamented my original plan of visiting the Normandy battlefields and the cavalry museum in the Loire valley, so we’d added in Mont St Michel in the middle, plus a few days in Paris on each end. The day before we left Normandy, she begged to stay an extra day (to skip Mont St Michel) and we’ve taken two more trips to Normandy, which she loves (she refers to one of our battlefield tour guides as her “English boyfriend”). She’s ended up loving the battlefield as much as the countryside. So, she can be “such a guy” sometimes as well.


    1. stocktoc

      Fun fact: The day my plane landed in France in 2005 (the summer that I lived abroad) was June 6th. And I was sooooo proud of that fact. OK, so maybe I’m still proud of it…
      I didn’t get to see Normandy as I’d planned, though. I got really sick right before my trip home (which was when I’d planned to break from my group and backpack up to the northern coast), and in the end I just limped–by plane, but limped nonetheless–home instead.

      I’m glad your wife can be “such a guy” too, and that you are proud of her for it. 🙂


  3. Ha, I get what you’re saying, my guy recently told me I should be on the show ‘Worst Cooks in America.’ He said he meant it as a compliment, I promptly smacked him on the shoulder. I am always such a guy too, and I’m definitely proud of it lots of times!


  4. Crystal Sharp

    Lol, love it! Oh and what is so wrong with Twilight? Lol… I happen to enjoy the series, hmpfh! Lol… In my marriage I am more manly and my husband is more feminine, weird?


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