I’ve noticed that as my life becomes more interesting and busy my blog posts become, how you say, nonexistent. So sorry. Really, I am.

But hey! I’ve been doing some pretty cool stuff lately!

Here’s one of them:

Click on the photo to link to the video.

A few weeks ago I was a film extra for a new video game that’s coming out soon, Gunstringer for XBox Kinect. I’m in at least two scenes at the beginning and one scene at the end, showing off my acting prowess by doing things like clapping, looking bored, and laughing.

I’ve been told by my new friends at Twisted Pixel that I’m actually featured on the Loading screen of the game, and I can’t wait to see what they did with the footage.


One thought on “Gunstringer

  1. Jameson

    This is awesome! Very cool!

    Lemme know if they ever cast you in a part for a re-release of Donkey Konga. I wanna see you get exasperated with a bunch of irresponsible college guys for clapping as loud as possible in the middle of the night. 😉


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