Speshul Sinatra

Today I was a bit cranky during our long and very boring drive from Benicia, CA to the outskirts of Yosemite.

B: “Hey cool caa-aat! Gonna smoke this cigareeeeeette…”

C: OMG. You and J must have quoted that same line at least a million times in the last few weeks alone. Why hasn’t that died yet? And doesn’t it get old always speaking in other voices? Really?

B: (laughing, switching to the goofy old man voice he always uses) Not really, little girl.

C: But what if every time you spoke to me you had to deal with a different alter ego?

B: (giggling)

C: What?

B: Your alter ego is, “Let’s clean the house and organize things! Yes, organize! See that pile of rocks? Let’s organize it!”

C: (laughing) You win, “cooool caa-aat!”

B: (laughing harder) You sound speshul when you do it.

C: Yeah, and you don’t? Isn’t the point to sound speshul? “Gonna smoke this paawl maawl!”

B: (laughing so hard I thought he would drive off the road) No, you really sound speshul.

So despite what my husband might tell you, I am cool enough to have an alter ego besides Clean House Freak. I am Speshul Sinatra. And yes, I am misspelling that on purpose.


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