Sho Nuff

After several failed attempts trying to stream something else on Netflix, B grew frustrated and decided to flip over to The Last Dragon instead.

C: Ugh. See ya later!

B: No, stay here and just watch five minutes of it!

C: (trying another tactic) Ooh, he has nice muscles!

B: (already gaping open-mouthed at the show, ignoring my comment) Yeah… he does.

C: Okay, I’m leaving now.

And then a roller coaster safety arm descended in front of me and pinned me to the couch.

B: You need to watch this part. It’s just ten minutes!

C: (squirming to get away) You said only five minutes. Liar!

B: Just watch this part! Then you can go! You have to watch this part!


Well, my life wasn’t dramatically altered by viewing this movie clip, but at least now I know why my husband is always running around asking if he’s the prettiest.


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