Office Prank

What would you do if you were to happen upon a bin of these posters on sale for 99 cents?

I’m dark. I’m brooding. I…sparkle.

When we snagged one last year ago B autographed it with “Thanks for all the fan mail. XOXO Edward” and planted it in a coworker’s office. And there it remains, leering into the hallway from the office the pranked coworker vacated months ago and left to a new hire who was (un?)fortunate enough to inherit the gem.


Our coworkers are fun people who love a good prank. One of the guys on my floor gifted another one with a life-sized talking Jar Jar Binks for his birthday, so Jar Jar now takes up a significant amount of space there. One of the women has a small speaker she hides in others’ offices then uses to broadcast random noises from her cell phone. (Picture B standing on top of his desk trying to find a wet ceiling tile yesterday when he heard a water dripping noise and was worried that the ceiling was about to cave in on his head.) And a lot of you will remember the time I was Bubléd.

So now you can probably guess what followed when I found this little pretty at Goodwill two days ago, sporting a $3 price tag:

Shut up, it’s a kid’s toy.

Yeah. It took B half the day to figure out who’d set this up in his office last night, after he’d already gone door to door waving this in each person’s face *ahem* and asking them if they were the guilty party.

Maturity? We have that too. Sometimes.


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