Served With a Side of Typos

I know I’m not perfect, but those of us who poke fun at others hardly ever are, and as a word nerd I derive endless entertainment from the typos and misspellings that the rest of you continually insist on posting to the Internet. Like when an excited woman tells her facebook friends that her boyfriend “pooped the question,” or when it’s cold outside and a friend announces that they will “go inside and worm up,” or when someone lists a plastic pool on Craigslist and says it’s a “kitty pool.” Free cat scratches! Or like when I was reviewing a friend’s book website and I noticed a misspelled sentence declaring that “fear…breads genocide” and I got to ask if it was served with gravy. Or the job post that requested an applicant who “develops, manages and testes backup and recovery plans.” Testes backup and recovery on Aisle 6! Sometimes I’m the culprit, like when a friend was telling me recently about her chocolate-scented lip balm and instead of typing “ooh!” in my excitement I accidentally slipped a rogue “p” in at the front of my response. Naturally, I decided to leave it there, because, well, sh*t happens. Naturally. Of course, there are also times when the unfortunate typos really get in the way, like when a few friends were passing this bit of humor around and a fellow word nerd–yes, we congregate–hung us up on the fact that the salad is accompanied by a side of typo. But most of the time I get to laugh at the crimes of the illiterate yet Web-enabled masses. The best errors are those that are so wonderfully laughter inducing that they worm their way into my vocabulary, where they stick and recirculate through my writing and conversation. Take this one, for example, the term I gleaned from a Craigslist post advertising a paper delivery route in an area that the author declared was, in fact, very safe. So now instead of being another boring middle class citizen I get to hail from a suburban “nabber hood.” Fo realz. Also, I picture the Hamburglar every time I use that word.


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