The Amelia Earhart Fairytale

Wife: Did you hear? Explorers found what they think is a piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Husband: Huh?

Wife: A piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane was found on an island where explorers already think she crashed. So she didn’t perish in the ocean. Instead, she and her navigator lived out their lives on this island.

Husband: Oh yeah, I’ve heard that. So they probably lived another year there.

Wife: No way, they lived out the rest of their lives!

Husband: They weren’t young when they made the trip.

Wife: They were 40 or something when they went missing.

Husband: Yeah, so they maybe lived to 41.

Wife: (wrinkling nose) I do NOT like your version of this story.

Husband: (laughing) It’s okay. You can keep your version.

(insert a five-minute pause during which we turned to our respective laptop screens)

Husband: Poor Amelia.

Wife: Exactly! I know she’s dead, but I always feel sad when I read about this.

Husband: Yep, she’s definitely dead now.

Wife: Of course. She’d be 100 now. No, 117 years old.

Husband: Definitely less believable now. Definitely dead.

Wife: Amelia Earhart, definitely dead.


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