Pop Culture

Wife: Do you know what the term “Netflix and chill” means?

Husband: No. I’d imagine it means to watch Netflix and relax.

Wife: Yeah, me too. Except somebody said it at work today and when several others laughed really hard at what he’d said I asked why it was so funny and someone just said with a snicker, “It has another meaning” so then after I got home I looked it up. *reads definition of the term from a random website*

Husband: How do we fall behind on these things?

Wife: I don’t know! Usually you’re up to speed though, so now I’m worried!

Husband: Ohhhh! Now that we’re talking about it, I think one of the developers used that phrase today, and at the time I just thought he was talking about watching Netflix and relaxing. Who used and laughed at that phrase at your office?

Wife: (recites names)

Husband: They’re not married, right?

Wife: Correct.

Husband: Maybe that’s the secret; they’re in the dating world and we just don’t know it because we’ve been married so long.

Wife: That’s what we’ll tell ourselves, anyway. (Also, this reporter doesn’t seem to know what it means, either.)


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