I’ve been Bubléd.

Michael Bublé has been creeping up on me for a while now.

At first I didn’t notice when he started appearing in my Jack Johnson Pandora channel. Then he proceeded to carve out a spot next to Maroon 5 and I finally put a name with the voice. My curiosity was piqued when I found him taking up residence alongside Jem, but it wasn’t until he started to also edge in with Amos Lee that I realized something was amiss. While I’d been busy looking the other way, Bublé had infiltrated all of my playlists and taken over.

Suddenly he was everywhere! Any time I returned to my office I’d find him waiting there in the shadows, promising to give more than he got. He crooned on and on about love as I conferenced with coworkers and my boss. On long days when the sun sank low on the horizon as I sat hunched over my computer keyboard, he was there softly willing me to save the last dance for him. Taking advantage of my inattention, Bublé had become ever-present and he had no trouble reminding me how good he felt about it.

Today when I returned to my office I really did find Michael Bublé waiting there, frowning at me from my bookshelf.

Threatening me from my desk.

…and even springing out at me when I dared to seek a moment of quiet solitude in the women’s restroom.

Last year the office was overrun by crickets, but this year its apparent we’ve got a Bublé infestation. And quite frankly, I’m terrified.


109 thoughts on “I’ve been Bubléd.

  1. Thank you for starting my day with a good hardy laugh! This is too funny. It’s funny how things creep up on you through Pandora isn’t it. In keeping with full disclosure….I sort of like Michael Buble in an intrigued sort of way. Don’t be afraid I think he is harmless.


    1. stocktoc

      If I need to be afraid of anyone, it’s the coworker who posted these all over the place.

      (JK! She was really sweet. I’ve been stressed out for the last couple of weeks and I think she did this to make sure I started my week off with a laugh.)


  2. architessica

    I adore Michael Buble. I’ve actually gotten really close to him at a concert and dorked out a lot. This was funny, thanks.


    1. stocktoc

      That’s how I feel about his stuff. It’s all right, but not in large doses. And I’m not really into listening to croony music for hours on end, anyway, so a song here or there is usually all I can take.


  3. That is too funny. I’m glad this post was Freshly Pressed because “I just hadn’t met you yet.” See what I did there. Come on over to my page when you get a chance. Congrats!


    1. stocktoc

      Thanks! The pictures are from my cruddy little phone camera, which the Verizon guy told me last week “definitely needs an upgrade.” Psha! I think I’m okay with what I’ve got!


  4. Funny!

    I must confess I have no idea who Buble is – and, perhaps, it’s better that way….

    When I first saw the title, I actually read it as “I’ve been Bubbe’d” – I thought you looked a bit young to be a Jewish grandmother.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  5. I had a similar situation but with George Michael. I was sure he was following me because no matter where I went his music would be on. Radio, restaurants, stores in the mall, hair dresser, everywhere. I’d much rather have George Michael follow me than Michael Buble.



  6. stylistnc

    Thanks to my tween I have Justin Beiber creeping up on me. The lastest being a 6 foot standee. It creeps me out when I walk into a room and think someone is standing there and jump a mile and gasp. Then crack up when I see it’s only Justin.


  7. You poor thing. My ex-boss tried to “Buble” me. Fortunately, I was somehow able to put up a force shield that prevented this attack from permanently afflicting me.

    Little doses. That’s all I can handle. I really liked him at first, but the Target commercials just pushed it too far and I ran the other way.


  8. I love Buble!!!

    Watched his concert here in Philippines, it was a memorable one since I watched it all by myself , and majority of his viewers were what? ? LOVERS of all ages ( old and young ones) but didn’t care at all coz Buble was so charming in his performances 🙂


  9. I love this!…. But am sad. I read in one of the comments he’s now married?…sigh. Oh well, I’ll be off the market too shortly so we’ll both be heart broken together!
    He does just ‘sneak’ in there. Well said 😀


  10. I tried to ignore him, but it was no use. I bought his Crazy Love for my wife – but it’s me who plays the CD. I deserve a bravery award for confessing such a thing. But that’s what it’s like when you been Buble’d: Rational thought flies out of the window.


  11. Roda

    Tell me another. I’m forced to listed to MB cause my hubby likes him and all the music we listen to in the car while driving belong to my hubby. I can never remember to carry my cds or mp3s so tough luck….I keep listening to MB stuck at 20 something.


  12. loved your post, and congrats on getting FP!!! 🙂 i like Buble enough to always sing along when he’s on the radio, but not enough to actually spend money on him… but i won’t switch radio stations when he’s on. he’s all smooth and sunny and offers 5 min of shiny melody that puts a smile on my face 🙂 i really like your blog!


  13. pinoyleonardo

    Nice post. Indeed buble has his way creeping into our ears. I never liked him until his music started creeping into my Yahoo Music list. Not bad. 🙂


  14. What I love about Michael Buble is that kids who listen to grinding metal like his music too. I am glad to know as I age there is at least one smooth voice that will be there for me. Since he is younger than me, he should outlive me and I can look forward to Christmas specials with someone warm and handsome!

    Funny post! I work in an office alone (well there are some guys in and out). No fun pranks for me!!! Congrats on Freshly Pressed!! have a good one!


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  16. I’ve been fighting the Buble fever. It used to make me feel old when I listened to it. So I tried to stop. Turns out nothing makes me happier than cooking with some Buble on in the background. Who cares if it sounds old lady-esque? It is fabulous and I’m happy I have in!


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  18. Haha! I’m actually talking about Michael Buble for my English presentation, and I’m gonna sing one of his amazing songs, so I found it very interesting. Yea every once in a while I have to hear a Buble song cause it really soothes me 🙂 so I understand what your going through. The way you worded this is really funny too! Keep it up 😀


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